About Us


(Research Oriented Organization with Longterm Interest in Unified Management Systems)

Our Vision:
Happy Employees > Happy Company > Happy Customers

Our Mission:
New Ideas > Innovative Solutions

Founded in 2011 by IIM’s and JNU alumni, ROOLIUMS is an emerging leader in Information Technology Consulting and Ecommerce Buiness Enablement. As a proven information technology partner, Rooliums is focused on building IT backbone, empowering enterprises, and enables clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Mix of strategic basic research, applied research and product development research has elevated ROOLIUMS to a higher level and has honed its software engineering expertise to create innovative solutions.

At ROOLIUMS – Ask for More, Explore the endless possibilities, we:

  • Provide enterprises solution with strategic IT insights
  • Help enterprises to transform and thrive in a changing world
  • Enable enterprises through business consulting and technology leadership
  • Focus on the principle of building and implementing ideas that drive value for clients and change lives
  • Bring reality to the business ideas and solutions that drive progress and value for our clients


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