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Adding Agility and Efficiency to Business

ROOLIUMS CLOUD ECO HUB – Cloud Ecosystem Integration offerings
We help you transform IT/ITES through the cloud and enable it through professional services, industry partnerships, and pre-designed and integrated cloud solutions.

We engage with clients with holistically and drive forward their business solution needs. Our assets, solutions, and services are tailored to meet these requirements, to deliver the key Cloud benefits of business agility, scalability, and flexibility, in a robust and secure environment.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to enable rapid and successful cloud adoption, from cloud strategy to cloud transformation and cloud optimization services.

Cloud Assessment and Strategy:
We offer strategy and advisory services for you to adopt and use cloud for achieving your business objectives. Our consulting services around strategy and advisory are designed to help extract value from your cloud investments regardless of the maturity of your cloud journey.

Cloud Transformation Enablement:
As you grapple with a complex IT technology landscape, there is more and more pressure to modernize your IT into the next-generation infrastructure, OS, application and data. We understand the potential of the cloud and help your modernization efforts.

We transform IT with the cloud to create a more seamless and integrated IT that is more responsive to business needs.

Cloud Management and Optimization:
With several instances of cloud, fragmented workloads, and burgeoning shadow IT, it becomes imperative for CIOs and IT leaders to set up greater control and governance of their cloud ecosystems. Our services and solutions can help you gain control, reduce complexity, and demonstrate cost savings through a single window of governance and control.

Our services to help you enable and manage a transformed IT through cloud is further strengthened by:
ROOLIUMS Cloud Eco Hub: This is the first solution that can help you rapidly create, adopt and govern cloud services across your IT ecosystem. Our industry leading services in the cloud can help you deliver business outcomes for business problems across a range of business functions.

ROOLIUMS CLOUD Edge: Building IT platforms in the cloud.

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